The multi-purpose sterilization retort

The multi-purpose sterilization retort has powerful functions.


Product introduction and technical parameters

The multi-purpose sterilization retort has powerful functions. And the machine can be used for most sterilization to meet requirements which except for the rotary sterilization retort technique. The machine has the advantages of simple structure, reliable performance, convenient operation, convenient maintenance, good sterilization effect and economic benefit. Its energy saving and water saving effects are remarkable, which can save water by 30%-50% and save steam by 30%. The heat conduction effect of the product is good, and the fast-flowing water exchanges heat with the immersed material, so that the heat of the product is rapidly increased, the heat distribution is uniform, and the food sterilization technique is improved.

The positive and negative pressure control in the sterilization retort is accurate and reaches the limit of the sterilization retort. The production efficiency is obviously improved. Because the circulating water is very good in all places, the products to be sterilized are placed intensively. Therefore, the load is obviously increased under the same specifications of the same product, and the sterilization efficiency is increased by 30%-50 %.

The structure adopts a water bucket down-drain multi-purpose sterilization form, and it is a leader in the current sterilization technique. The flow rate of underwater leakage can be adjusted according to the capacity of the carbohydrate of the material. Our company according to the experience of many projects, the circulating flow rate usually ranges from 600 kg/min to 1800 kg/min, which contains demand of almost all the current product. The circulating water is poured from the product of the uppermost layer, and a layer of water is formed in the cage to pass through the opening at the bottom of the lower layer, and quickly leaks to the lower layer. The layers fall, each product layer forms a dynamic height water level. After passing through each layer of product, the circulating water passes through the opening at the bottom of the basket frame and is discharged to the bottom of the sterilization retort to complete the sterilization process, which is best in the sterilization process and heat conduction effect.

Double-doors or single door are available depending on the process layout of the product.

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Send your inquiry directly to us