Loading and Unloading basket retort

It is mainly used for the realization of sterilization of PE bottle and glass bottle beverage


Product introduction and technical parameters

Automatic loading and unloading cage system is a Security to achieve after sterilization system working continuously with high efficiency,Automatic loading system mainly Include Automatic loading cage, trolley system and automatic unloading cage system.The system is mainly used for PE bottles and glass bottle drinks after sterilization to achieve automatic unloading cage operations, real bottles stacked in the sterilization cage are top-down layer by layer pushed to net type conveyor,then convey to spray washing, drying, coding, packaging etc,Manually taking compartment plate in the whole process of unloading cage , automatic unloading bottles, automatically rise , empty cage stops automatically unloading bottles, saving manpower , greatly improving production efficiency.

Technical Parameters


Siemens / Schneider



Drive motor

Ou Maite

Machine speed


Installed power


Using air pressure 


Air consumption


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Send your inquiry directly to us