Low position de-palletizer for bottles

The stacked empty bottles are automatically disassembled into the assembly line one by one for subsequent filling


Product introduction and technical parameters

The low position de-palletizer for bottles is use for automatically unload the empty bottles from the stack layer by layer. The hydraulic lifting platform is placed below the ground,and the height of the entrance conveyor and exit height is lower than high position depalletizer.

This model is mostly semi-automatic, the price cheap. Hydraulic lifting, it is stable and reliable, the PLC and touch screen electrical control system, with the function of fault alarm, equipment operation and maintenance very easy.

Technical parameters

Pallet size 1200* 1000*150mm

The stack size

Total power 4KW
Equipment weight 4500KG
Using air pressure 0.4-0.7Mpa

Send your inquiry directly to us.


Send your inquiry directly to us