Low position de-palletizer

It is mainly composed of lifting main body, translation trolley, clamping mechanism, net belt conveying and other parts


Product introduction and technical parameters

The low position de-palletizer is suitable for bottles, various types of cartons, plastic cases, shrink packs and barreled products etc unloading stack. It is used for de-palletizing products layer by layer and then transport to subsequent production line. It mainly consists of auto lifter, horizontal -transferring system, carton -storage conveying device, belt conveyor, and other devices. If there is the insert plate between each layer, insert plate auto collect device can be added.

Technical parameters

Cspacity 40 cases/min, 400 bottles/min
Applicable product Glass bottle, carton, plastic box, film bag, etc
Pallet size

1200* 1200* 150mm

Total power 15KW
Equpicent weight 5500KG
Dimensions 5200*2300* 3700mm

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Send your inquiry directly to us