Robot palletizer

PLC programmable computer automatic controller, photoelectric switch and other control systems


Product introduction and technical parameters

The robot palletizer is applied to?various case-shaped for automatic convey, tidy, and palletizing operations. The case?body is automatically conveyed?into the differential conveying line, and?it is automatically arranged by the rotary conveying device according?to the requirement, then?it?is pushed into the designated position by the automatic pushing mechanism, the pallet is automatically conveyed?to the specific position through the conveying line, and the case is arranged under the robot operation. Automatic stacking of the finished cases are carried out under the operation of the robot and it is ready for storage. The machine push type can be selected as continuous action or single cycle action, the operation adaptability is high. At the same time, it is applicable to the packing operation of the package of the back section of various drinking articles. It adopts PLC programmable computer automatic controller, photoelectric switch, travel switch, pneumatic control and other control systems. The accuracy of mechanical action is high and the operation is easy. The palletizing system uses high-precision robot operation, which is stable in operation, less in failure, and durable.

Technical parameters

Oper ation mode

Grab palletizing



Applicable Product

Carton、Plastic case

Conveyor height

As demanded

Pallet conveyor height

As demanded

Pallet size

Standard pallet (as demanded)

Case size

As demanded

Palletizing method

As demanded

Pallet storage

15 Pallet

Total Power


Equipment Weight




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Send your inquiry directly to us