Full cans palletizer

Main drive device adopts double row high strength chain


Product introduction and technical parameters

The full cans palletizer system is mainly used for automatic palletizing full cans stack. The equipment is mainly composed of a pallet divider, a single column insert plate storage, a vacuum insert plate suction and translation structure, a bottle mesh chain, a full cans move load, a main frame, conveyor line etc. According to the demand of different kinds of cans corresponding palletizing method adopted.

1. The main drive is made by double row high strength chains, and the transmission is stable and reliable.

2. The stack conveyor line use high-strength chain, the speed can be controlled by inverter, and there are more than two stacks can be storage at output area.

3. The machine is controlled by PLC. automatic positioning, location, automatic lifting, automatic vacuum grip insert plates, automatic put into the cans and automatic supply the empty pallets. It is easy to operate and can handle abnormal fault quickly.

Technical parameters

Capacity 700 cans/min
Maximum load per layer 250kg
Maximum load per pallet 1500kg
Installed of power 20KW
Air pressure 6bar
Air consumption 800L/min
Dimensi on 12000*5000*3300mm

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Send your inquiry directly to us