Double channel gantry palletizer

One machine multi-purpose, can be used for a variety of specifications stacking products


Product introduction and technical parameters

Double channel gantry palletizer can palletize the carton、plastic case、shrink film package  or other packaging pieces on the pallet(wood, plastic), automatic stacking multi-layers, then automatically out and easy to forklift transported to the warehouse. It divides the cases into two lines by separation mechanism and the cases enter the case arrangement platform from these two lines. After that the cases are pushed to the lifting platform from arrangement platform, and palletizing. This kind of palletizing is more efficient.

The device controlled by PLC and touch screen control pad to realize intelligent operation management, high degree of automation, simple, easy to master, and it can greatly reduce labor and reduce labor intensity. Focus on the concept of high speed, stable and save a space design. Pallet divider uses separate tray, high speed, save space. One machine multi-purpose, adjust quickly, palletizer can be used for stocking a variety of specifications products.

Technical parameters

Operation mode
Stacking layer by layer
60 (case /min)
Applicable Product
Carton, Plastic case,Shrink film packaging
Conveyor height
Pallet conveyor height
Pallet size
Standard pallet (as demanded)
Case size As demanded
Palletizing method
As demanded
Pallet storage
15 pallets
Total Power
Equipment Weight

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Send your inquiry directly to us