SPC-MSW45F Fully automatic heat shrink packaging machine

Integrated design, movable protective door, easy to assemble and maintain


Product introduction and technical parameters

Characteristics of the equipment

1. Overall combination design, movable protective door, convenient assembly and maintenance;

2. Servo motor drive is adopted for accurate synchronous positioning;

3. Overall motion mechanical design, saving time by changing products;

4. Removable operation panel with man-machine interface to display various operating conditions;

5. Excellent film unwinding and shearing device, patented film constant tension conveying, can easily adjust the length of the film, with a unique color film positioning device, lap at the bottom of the package, the product packaging display effect is good;

6. Scientific electric tunnel shrinkage furnace has effective thermal shrinkage effect.

Technical parameters


30-45 Packages/min

Packing arrangement

3 line×3 column/package,6 line×4 column/package,6 line×3 column/package,4 line×3 column/package

Applicable container shape

Round containers, such as glass bottles, PET bottles, cans, etc. The outer diameter of the container is 60-90mm and the height is 120-300mm

The total power


Machine dimensions


Compressed air pressure


Maximum air consumption


Machine weight


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Send your inquiry directly to us