SPC-F05 Fully automatic capping and sealing machine

Precision and durability, easy to operate, stable operation, long service life


Product introduction and technical parameters

SPC-F05 Fully automatic capping and sealing machine

1. This series is an unmanned model, the top cover of the carton is automatically folded in, and the upper and lower "one" type is automatically sealed, suitable for the carton of the same specification at the same time;

2. The transmission design is driven by belts on both sides;

3. Applicable carton specifications, manual adjustment of cartons of different specifications;

4. Precision and durable performance, easy operation, stable operation, long service life, no noise;

5. Better appearance, faster speed and higher efficiency than manual tape;

6. Standard specification products, spare parts are available at any time.

Technical parameters




Apply to the cartons

L:200-600mm W:150-500mm H:150-500mm

L:200-600mm W:200-500mm H:200-500mm

Mesa height

580 -780mm

650 -800mm

The belt speed

18 m/min

450 Box/hour

Equipment size

L:1690mm   W:830mm   H:1180mm

L:1170mm   W:910mm   H:1570mm

Power supply

220V/380V     50/60Hz

220V/380V     50/60Hz

Air supply

50kg/ cm²

50kg/ cm²

Use tape

48-75mm(Choose one to use)

48-75mm(Choose one to use)

Machine weight

Approx 180kg

Approx 230kg

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Send your inquiry directly to us