SPC-Series of low position enter cases high speed wrap machine

Automatic packaging process of carton forming, glue-spraying and suturing


Product introduction and technical parameters

Equipment introduction

After the bottles or cans are arranged in a specially designed form and are transported to the unfoled carton board which is transported by case mesh conveyer chain. The cardboard is formed along the way, and glue spray and seal automatic. Applicable to various bottles type, such as glass bottles, PET bottles and cans from production lines etc.

Technical parameters

Applicable products Glass bottles, PET bottles, cans and other bottle types
Capacity 40 Box/min
Bottle diameter 55~100mm
Bottle height 90-300mm
Carton specification

Minimum carton size:200*190*90mm

Maximum carton size:480*300*300mm

Power 18KW

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Send your inquiry directly to us